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Horse Retirement

Equine rest and retirement home. Set in the magnificent Brechfa Forest in south Wales, we specialise
in long term care for elderly or convalescing equine friends.

At Forest Stables we understand that each horse has individual needs and requirements, especially in retirement. Our aim is to provide the most natural lifestyle possible whilst maintaining this individual care and attention. Most importantly plenty of time to be a horse!

Although we recommend as much turnout as possible for a healthy veteran, each horse has its own stable and is brought in as much or as little as is required. Our horses are turned out in small herds with carefully chosen companions to avoid any bullying. We are reactivate to the weather (we're constantly checking the forecast!) as we understand some old bones prefer not to get cold or wet!

Each of our stables has rubber matting, an automatic drinker with fresh natural spring water and a Haybar.

The horses can see each other, thanks to the design of the barn, so the natural herd environment can be maintained even in the stable. The barn is well ventilated and the roof is insulated to keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during the winter.

Our grazing is split into eighteen paddocks, each with a supply of fresh, natural spring water. There are many trees surrounding the fields and as the farm is nestled in a valley, there is excellent natural shelter.

Our retirement livery package includes:
Stabling in our modern barn.
Turnout in carefully managed paddocks ranging from six acre fields to smaller ‘starvation’ paddocks.
Quality hay or haylage.
Quality hard feed including a daily vitamin and mineral supplement or feed balancer.
Regular grooming and rug changes as required.
Foot trimming by our registered farrier.
Six-monthly dental check and rasp.
Vaccinations for tetanus.
Regular worming programme and annual worm count.
Consumables such as fly spray, mane and tail conditioner, wound cream, sun cream and so on.
Daily care and attention.

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Prices are tailored to the individual and start at just £53 per week.

We understand how difficult the decision can be to entrust your treasured friend with strangers, and so we welcome you to visit and meet us and the horses. Most owners are surprised by how quickly their horse settles in, and how readily they accept the opportunity to make new friends and embrace herd life. We operate an open door policy; owners are welcome to visit their horse any time.